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Hello! lovely people,

I hope you all are doing good and being at home. So today I’m here to review some products that are all about hair. You must have heard about the Brand name “KESH KING” if not then let me quickly introduce it to you all. KESH KING is an Indian Brand come from the trusted house of EMAMI that produces 100% Ayurvedic products targeting Hair fall solutions. I am not new to this Brand as I have been using their products for very long and wanted to share about it with you all.

Basically Hair care routine covers three basic steps i.e Cleansing, conditioning and oiling. But nowadays there is one additional step to improve your hair much better is by taking medicinal or Vitamin tablets. That is the reason why I have got my hands on Full range of products from KESH KING to add on my routine. So without wasting much more time Let’s talk individually about each and every product..

1. KESH KING Ayurvedic Oil-

This hair oil is made with 21 rare Ayurvedic herbs like Bringhraj, Amla, Tulsi, Hibiscus etc to promote hair growth and reduce hairfall. It is cerified by eminent international hair Institute for its effectiveness and guaranteed results. The Oil comes with a unique applicator for Deep Root Combing which helps in convenient application & stimulating roots for deeper oil penetration.

Quantity- 300ml

Price- Rs 330/-

2. KESH KING Anti-hairfall Shampoo-

This Shampoo is free of harmful chemicals, has goodness of Aloe and contains Ayurvedic herb. It helps in reducing hairfall upto 80% and make hair look silky and smooth.

Quantity- 340ml

Price- Rs 210/-

3. KESH KING Anti-hairfall Conditioner

This anti-hairfall conditioner is the
1st ayurvedic conditioner with aloe vera and 21 rare ayurvedic herbs that also reduces Hairfall ( if used with the same variant of shampoo) and manages frizzy hair.

Quantity- 200ml

Price- Rs 200/-

4. KESH KING Ayurvedic Capsules-

This Ayurvedic Capsule is an Ayurvedic medicinal preparation which is helpful in hair follicles activity, loss & premature greying of hair without side effects( as claimed by the brand). Dosage for adult is twice a day as directed by the physician ( written over the box )

Quantity- 30 capsules

Price- Rs 144/-

Summing up..

As I have previously said that I am not new to this Brand, I have been using the Hair oil and capsule for really long and I must say it definitely works. Especially the oil. And when we use every thing of same variant like Shampoo, conditioner and oil it actually changes the game by improving the condition. For the usage of capsule it totally depends on one’s choice whether you want to take it or not. It was only made with the purpose of providing the important vitamins and minerals that people have been missing out with poor dietary.

Key features-

🔸 Strong smell
🔸 Affordable
🔸 Available at any local store/Pharmacy

You can also purchase it from Official KESH KING

I hope this review of mine helped you in getting to know more about this products before purchasing it.

Thank you for Reading.

Xoxo 💗

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    Superb review blog

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