Are we Really Free? In-dependant Thought.

In India, this 15th August, 2k18 we are celebrating 72nd Independence day. Independence day is celebrated by the people of all religions, traditions and cultures with great joy and happiness. We host our national Flag by singing national Anthem and then we have parades and other cultural activities to tribute and to honor the pride of our nation. After all we won freedom after a hard struggle. The legends in the past who fought for us, sacrificed their lives so that today we can live free in our own nation. Today we pay Homage to the leaders and commemorate all the great personalities who had played their important role in the Independence of India.

But today I’m still wondering are we really free? Are we living without compromising to ourselves? Does we actually have that freedom? All this thoughts make me realize that in Reality, we are not. We are not free to think, we are not free to feel, we are not free to Express and we are not free at all. We are only the impression of the link of beliefs followed up from the ages. We are bounded with all the prejudice lessons and persuative thoughts which pre-decides what to do and what to not. But we are humans not robots. We must have the right to make decisions for ourselves. For eg. When we were Young, Our parents taught us that we should always respect our elders and obey them no matter what, if we are a good person or wants to become one but they doesn’t taught us what to do when the elders doesn’t respect us. This is the type of situation where you found yourself lost. You struggle to choose between what you think and you have been taught. This is the most vulnerable situation which further leads to anxiety, stress and sometimes depression too. Doesn’t this seems unfair! I mean we must be allowed to stand for ourself and think for our own without feeling guilty, without having the fear of what others gonna think or react whether they are our parents, friends or society. I mean why we have to hasitate for being true to ourself.

This Independence day free yourself from all this things. You should remember you’re the most important among all. Never make any one master of your mind who controls all your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Never bound yourself to the circle of what others think. Always be true to yourself first. Be Brave and Trust yourself.

Because you’re worth it My friend. ☺️

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  1. Komal says:

    Totally agreed with your thoughts…

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