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Salwar suits has been considered as a part of our Indian culture. It is the most worn attire in India. The upper garment is called “Suit” or “Kurta” and the lower one is called “Salwar”. You can spot 80% of the women in India wearing salwar suit’s on their daily basis because It’s comfortable, low maintenance, decent, sincere and ideal for everywhere. Like it can be worn both traditionally to marriage functions and also modernly to colleges and meetings. It always looks good on any woman. Moreover it have wide variety that you can never get Bored of. Meanwhile from time to time many changes have been adapted in styles of salwar suits. In a vast & diverse country of us it also varies from region to region.

Basically today’s blog is all about kurta. I am not going to talk about the whole range and types available just picking up the long straight kurta to style. After all You doesn’t need to stick with basic trait, that wearing it with leggings or Palazzo while you can add some funk and make it look completely different. The kurta of mine is my mom’s choice, she bought it up for me and from that day she was waiting for me to dress in. And guess what! I finally did and wrote a new blog (yeah me!)

So here I am sharing 3 ways to style your kurta to get a fresh new look.

1. Considering Dress

In my first look I am sporting my long kurta with tan boots. For giving a little bit of detail I added the brown belt around my waist.

2. Denim love

Just tied my hairs up, wore a Denim jacket over my dress along with golden loops on my ears and Bamm!

Got a new ready to go look.

3. Layering of course!

Layering my outfit is one of my favorite thing to do because I feel like I got a brand new piece of cloth. So in my above look I wore my jersey dress and added kurta over it. Pom-pom earrings and gladiators are so all around that it can go with most of your outfits.


1. KURTA- Moda Rapido


3. BOOTS- Roadster


5. WATCH- Titan

6. ACCESSORIES- Assorted

7. JERSEY DRESS- Hubberholme

So that’s all for Today. Hope you enjoyed reading it, if yes! then don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up(Like). Comment below and let me know what you think about it and also subscribe to my blog and share it with your friends too.

See yaa 😊😊

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  1. Hareesh says:

    Thumbs up gal…

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    1. emosassygirl says:

      Thank you so much 😊


    1. emosassygirl says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚

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  2. Komal Mulkalwar says:

    I liked it girl😍😍😍😍
    It’s amazing….!!!!

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    1. emosassygirl says:

      Thank you 😊😊😊


  3. FAB WORK ….KEEP IT UPπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. emosassygirl says:

      Thank you 😊😊


  4. Siya says:

    Amazing blog.. following do follow back please

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  5. Shweta says:

    Nice outfit ideas! Very stylish. Could you check out my blog as well? That would be very nice

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    1. emosassygirl says:

      Thanks @shweta and sure!


  6. Anshika Thakur says:

    one dress many ways…..
    perfect styling😘

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