A Year to Remember (2k17)

Hello everyone,

I hope you all doing good.

With all sorts of feelings, emotion, adventure, experience and everything all we have reached to the end of 2017. Like every passing year it also became the remembering part of our life. Each year provides different opportunity to grow into a better and mature person. Everyday comes up with a new ray of hope to learn, to achieve and to be the best version of you.

My side of story

Apart from all this things, this year has become the most distinctive part of my life as I have opted to showcase my interest and passion towards fashion through blogging because Fashion is something that comes within me, makes me to stand out from the crowd and turned me into a more confident person. I always adored to dress up for my own. I remember when I was a kid, I use to follow every trend that comes with all the Bollywood drama. I dressed up like Kareena Kapoor in songs “Bole chudiya”, “Maine koi jaddu nahi Kiya” etc and capri’s wore by Priyanka Chopra in movie “Krish”. I have tried out every single style from midi’s to parallel pants & everything because thats what I always loved.

Fashion for me

I always believed in experimenting with my stuff and coming up with something new. As it’s not mandatory to fill your wardrobe with Vogue apparels to show your style and meanwhile I also prefer comfort over fashion because Whatever is comfortable for me, I’ll turn it into fashion.

So that’s about it.. I hope you all enjoyed reading about me and all about get to know me alittle. Eagerly waiting for what 2018 is going to bring in my life.

Let me know what you’re expecting to happen in the upcoming year.

By the way wishing you all a very happy and prosperous and healthy New year.

“Stay blessed and Stay strong”

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