MARKS & SPENCER london: Launch Event

Fashion is a part of our daily life. It represents our style, personality and all the thoughts that rumble in our head whenever we decorate ourself with fashionable attire. It helps us to express ourself with what we wear and how we carry ourself with it.

Yesterday I attended the inaugural event of a leading fashion brand MARKS & SPENCER  new store at magneto mall, Raipur.
M & S is one of the British fashion icon with more than 130 years of expertise in crafting beautifully designed fashion and now it brings the best contemporary fashion for men & women in Raipur.

As it was the launch ceremony, they came up with some exciting offers like
First 3 shoppers will get free shopping of worth Rupees 5,000,
Next 50 shoppers will get free shopping of worth Rupees 1,000 and
Lastly 500 shoppers will get Rupees 500 off on spend of Rupees 2,500 & above.


Talking about store, I must say its quite spacious with well defined segments for each apparel and section. But sadly there were only three fitting room which will cause rush during the season time. Apart from this everything I liked in there.

Coming on the garments of this brand, they bought the best possible collections of trending fashion which are super amazing with all the luxurious touch of Brand. The fabric of the clothes are so rich and lavish that you want to pick it all and go. I always preffered quality over quantity. I would purchase a single piece of cloth with great material rather than going for a bunch of cheap one’s.

P.S- If you want to win grand vouchers or 100% free shopping at such events, follow my blog and drop your suggestions there then in my next blog I may reveal cheat codes to win at such events.

That’s all for today..
Hope you people found it useful before visiting to the store.
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See yaa… 🤗

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hareesh Kumar says:

    Yeah…nice blog. Thanks for the update.


  2. cafeavectwali says:

    Wow! That looked so great! Wish I was there! Nice blog, babes, keep up the good work!😃

    Liked by 2 people

    1. emosassygirl says:

      Thank you that means alot 😊


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